Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Library P0rn

If I was dreaming of the perfect library, it would probably look like this one. It's the Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination in New England, and the lofty space is stuffed with amazing artifacts: a book of Audubon prints, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, illuminated manuscripts, a globe of the moon signed by Apollo astronauts, historical maps, anatomy books and models, a sweet telescope, vintage electronics, and of course, Sputnik. Yes, the Sputnik. (One of only seven originals, and as sleekly beautiful as a gazing ball in a garden.)

The YouTube video above gives you a swooping look at many of the treasures, but these articles go into more detail about the library and its contents:

This is Walker's website, which has some basic information and the video linked above. It also has a photo gallery in the links on the left.

Wired's article has more great images, plus some information on some important objects.

TED features a talk about the library by its creator, Jay Walker.

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