Friday, February 1, 2013


In my reviews, I try to be even-handed and suggest additional titles I think readers may enjoy. I'm not always right by any stretch of the imagination, so argue away if you disagree with what I write!

Please feel free to comment on my posts or even suggest titles you think I might enjoy! I love hearing about new books, though my to-read list is longer than a person with only one pair of eyeballs can view in one lifetime.

One star = Hated it with a burning, loathing passion
Two stars = Meh. It was just okay (not quite bad enough to hate)
Three stars = Liked it (not quite great enough to love)
Four stars = Really liked it
Five stars = Loved it completely

My ratings don't indicate the objective quality of the fiction I read, but instead reflect how much I enjoyed it (or not). Only a five star review is a clear recommendation from me for quality and enjoyment. I take genre considerations into account, too, and don't judge a romance novel the same way I would a literary novel.

In short, it's totally subjective and you can feel free to love the books I hate and hate the books I love (but why would you?)

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